Our Technology
3D Imaging


Our office has recently purchased the new Carestream 8100 scanner for use in treatment planning our implant and grafting cases. This scanner is state-of-the-art and provides us with a detailed view of the mouth and jaws. The advantage that 3D imaging holds over regular dental x-rays is that bone structure,bone density,tissues, nerves, and blood vessels can all be viewed clearly.

Scans can be completed in less than half a minute. This means less radiation to you, our patient. 

How are 3D scans used?

3D scans are advantageous because they allow Dr. Martone to magnify specific areas of the face.  In addition,she can easily view cross-sectional “slices” of the jaw, which makes planning treatment easier and faster.

Here are some of the main ways in which 3D scans are used in dentistry:

  • Assess the quality of the jawbone where the implant will be placed.
  • Determine where nerves are located.
  • Diagnose tumors and disease in the early stages.
  • Measure the density of the jawbone where the implant will be placed.
  • Pinpoint the most effective placement for implants, including the angle of best fit.
  • Plan the complete surgical procedure in advance, from start to finish.
  • Precisely decide on the appropriate size and type of implants.
  • View exact orientation and position of each tooth.
  • View impacted teeth.

If you have questions or concerns about  3D imaging, please contact our office.