Mini Implants

Because mini implants are small, they may be a good choice for patients whose jaw bones are not thick enough to support regular implants. 

In many cases, mini dental implants are placed directly through the gum tissues without having to cut open the gums without exposing any bone. 

Mini implants are placed with a small amount of local anesthesia. They are primarily used to support a removable denture. The standard of care is to place 4 mini implants in the lower jaw and to place 6 mini implants in the upper jaw.

Many times the patient's existing denture may be used and unlike regular implants, which require a longer healing time, often you will leave my office with an implant-supported denture that you can use the same day.  

Mini dental implants are also less expensive than traditional dental implants. 

Our office uses the new ZEST LODI mini implant system. 



                  Locators lower arch                           Locators upper arch 
                        Corresponding lower denture                     Corresponding upper denture