Our Technology
Diagnodent® - Laser Caries Detection

Diagnodent® is a soft fluorescent laser which detects hidden tooth decay accurately,quickly, and in its earliest stages.The Diagnodent system actually measures the amount the laser fluoresces within the tooth.As each tooth is scanned,the amount of laser reflected light produces a digital readout.The amount of laser light reflected back correlates with the amount of decay within the tooth.

Here are some of the other benefits associated with Diagnodent®:

  • Allows dentists to perform treatment with greater confidence.
  • Allows for the investigation of suspicious areas.
  • Completely safe.
  • Cost effective.
  • Empirically measurable results.
  • Helps reduce future dental procedures.
  • More accurate than any other diagnostic tool to lessen exposure to
    X-rays. No need for invasive investigations.
  • No pain or scratching.